Lyddie Conflict
Updated: 1/12/2021
Lyddie Conflict

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  • Person vs. Nature
  • “...The bear had been their undoing...They couldn’t afford to replace any of the household goods…” (1-3).
  • I got my eyes on him
  • Person vs. Self
  • He's worth a lot of money!
  • “...this man was likely to be worth one hundred dollars...He glanced at her, and for the first time since he had spied at the window his expression seemed uncertain” (39-42).
  • He just wants to see his family
  • Person vs. Person
  • “‘Diana Goss?’ echoed Amelia…’she’s a known radical, and Amelia is concerned…’She’s devious,’ Amelia muttered. ‘You have to watch her” (67-73).
  • Your devious! You're going to get yourself dismissed!
  • This shows person vs. Nature because the bear coming into their house and breaking things is a problem for Lyddie and her family because they can't afford anything else, along with the fact that the bear is dangerous and could hurt one of them.
  • This is a person vs. self conflict because she has to decide whether or not she should turn Ezekial in for reward money, or if she should let continue on his way and not turn him in. This creates in internal conflict since she is only deciding with herself.
  • This shows a person vs. person conflict between Amelia and Diana because Diana risks her job to fight for better working conditions, but Amelia disapproves, therefore creating a disagreement between them, and an overall problem for them and of course Lyddie (roommate vs. friend).
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