History Russia Lesson Storyboard
Updated: 5/19/2020
History Russia Lesson Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Oct 16, 1904 Start of the Journey from Libau to Vladivostok
  • Things started going wrong.Anchor chain went missing and the flagship sunk.
  • Sir, a destroyer has accidentally rammed into our battleship while we were waiting.
  • It's the Japanese torpedo boats!!!
  • Russians opened fire to 2 fishermen because of a false alarm.
  • These events eventually led to Russia beaing defeated by Japan in the Russo-Japanese War.
  • Sir, there are some ships nearby.
  • At night, the Russian troops fired at British fisherboats, mistaking them for Japanaese.
  • They must be Japanese torpedo boats. Open fire!
  • After stopping by at Tangier, the Russian fleets took on coal from the supply ships. Problem was, it was too much and killed sailors through black air.
  • Take in as much coal as we can!
  • At Madagascar, the supply ships broke down and the meat thrown into the sea caused the fleet to be followed by sharks.
  • Throw the rotten food into the sea!
  • Sir, there are sharks following the fleet!!