marrage ruined
Updated: 3/3/2021
marrage ruined

Storyboard Text

  • you will never be as good as i am beacuse ur short
  • your just jealous beacuse i am better in everyway but genetics
  • 1v1 me nerd
  • pew pew
  • firearm noises
  • bang
  • now that i have bested you in combat i can take your head loki beacuse no one likes you
  • WAIT someone in asgaurd cant be killed eventhough someone is only my children and nobody likes loki
  • ok for you punishment i wil literally zip your lips then i will lock it and put it in my pocket so you cant be wack anymore
  • you said take my head so ill allow you to do anything just not below my neck
  • how dare you insult me like that this relationship is over
  • how was your day honey?
  • (verbal struggle
  • oh no i drop soap
  • this is how lokis marage was ruined