James Do --Comic Strip
Updated: 3/9/2021
James Do --Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Bob (You) : Bob is taking a walk down town
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  • Bob (You) : As Bob is walking he starts to smell a lot of smoke
  • Bob (You) : Finds out the source of the smoke is a group smokers trying to act cool
  • Bob (You) : Bob tries to walk pass them while gagging at the smoke Smokers: Notice Bob ,and gives Bob a sly look One of the Smokers: Asking, "Hey man you wanna try"
  • "Hey man you wanna try!"
  • Bob (You) : Bob shakes his head ,and thought back to the many consequences of smoking Bob (You): Replying , "No thank you ,but you know smoking causes lung cancer, can develops more than 50 health diseases/conditions, causes immune problems, can harm your blood circulation, and more..."Smokers: "Oh we didn't know that smoking could cause that much damage what do we do now?"
  • "No thx..."
  • !
  • Bob (You) : Bob replies, "Ya should all quiet smoking it's very bad to your health ,and find a way to get rid of your tobacco addiction..." Smokers: Drop there cigarettes and replied, "Thank you man"Bob (You) : Continues on his walk (if the smokers don't respond in a positive way just quickly remove yourself from the situation by running/walking away or calling for help)
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  • Thx man