SS Nazi Officer
Updated: 3/29/2020
SS Nazi Officer
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  • 🖊1931's Take: The Economic Crisis
  • 🖊1932's Take: Unemployment
  • 🖊1933's Take: Hitler's Actions
  • A Chancellor is you!
  • "The Great Depression made me unable to withdraw money from my bank, so I couldn't buy necessities to support my family. Luckily, I had friends that were able to help me and my family through the year, and also thanks to stockings of food at home."
  • 🖊1933's Take: Hitler and the SS
  • "To add fuel to the fire, I got layed off by my company, as they needed to lay off workers to survive, along with many others. I recently heard about Hitler. He seems like he could help us and Germany for good. I want to support him."
  • 🖊1934's Take: Night of the Long Knives
  • "Hitler decided that the elections were awful for his plans, so he decided to convince von Papen and Hindenburg personally to be Chancellor by a vague promise that he would help them in the elections."
  • 🖊1934"s Take: Fuehrer
  • "So Hitler hastened quickly to be the president too. He organised the Reichstag Fire, and after accusing the Communist Party of the doings, since he had power, it allowed him to convince Hindenburg to sign the Reichstag Fire Decree so he could arrest the communists, and bring them down thanks to his SS. I joined the SS as that was the only reliable way that I could earn money, and I was proud to serve Hitler at the time.
  • "So Hitler got rid of his enemies, but feared Ernst Rohm for being too powerful. I was part of the assault, and at the time I was proud as I was weary of Ernst Rohm too."
  • "Hitler became Fuehrer after President Hindenburg died. Continuing on, he prepared to pursue his goals, of removing the Jews, avenging Germany for the humiliation, and having world dominance. I did not expect what he would do to be bad then."
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