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Updated: 6/4/2021
Comic Book

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  • Will now complimented others and was liked by almost everyone
  • Okay, see you later
  • Oh, just some bad tiny school in Palo Alto
  • It is so interesting how Eleanor is naturally improving even though she was such a bad person on Earth
  • Yeah, I think it shows the importance of one's environment and self-realization that they weren't a good person
  • So where'd you go before Priory again?
  • That is so mean!
  • Interesting
  • One day Will realized he wasn't a great person and needed to make a change
  • Revelation 21:5 Ave.
  • ��Yeah sure
  • Will Strickland!
  • I'm kinda not a great person...
  • Yet he didn't even dislike the school, he just disliked the person he was there and that squewed the way he thought about the school. When in reality he had loads of fun and did learn a lot, he would still say that he learned practically nothing and that it was just a weird school