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Updated: 5/17/2019
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  • Hey over here! Turn around.
  • Is is is that someone behind me? Who's calling me?
  • I think I need help to overcome the fear darkness. 
  • Can you help me I have this fear of darkness. I become nervous of going outside at night. Sometimes I start sweating, shaking, and feeling ill.
  • After hearing what you said I believe you have Nyctophobia. You can not be in the dark alone or you will start to hallucinate.
  • Juan hates it when he has to take out the trash, especially late at night. Every single time Juan goes out he starts to think there are people behind him. 
  • I need help to overcome the fear of darkness. I don't want to fear the darkness anymore.
  • Okay, what I am going to do for you is leave you in this room with no lights to see how you actually act so I can help you.
  • He realizes he needs help.
  • I've been in this dark room for about 30 minutes and it actually is no that bad. Maybe the relaxation and deep breathing sessions. are helping me overcome the fear of darkness.
  • He went for help.
  • I can finally sleep in the dark without a nightlight. 
  • What you need is a therapist,If you want to get cured. You will also need learning relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing.
  • Juan actually went for help. After the therapist finished listening to Juan, she tells him she would like to see how he reacts when left in the room when the lights are out.
  • Juan is left in the room with the lights out and realizes that maybe he is overcoming the fear of darkness.
  • Juan can finally sleep in peace and not scared of the dark
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