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Antigone Storyboard
Updated: 9/20/2019
Antigone Storyboard
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  • Antigone wants Ismene to help her bury their dead brother But Ismene won't help Antigone because she wants to follow Creon's rules. And Ismene is afraid what will happen she is scared of Antigone.
  • "That must be your excuse, I suppose. But as for me,I will bury the brother I love."
  • Antigone,I am so afraid for you!
  • Antigone is getting questioned by Creon because she got caught burying Polyneices. She broke the law and she will not deny anything. She agrees with everything even if it means death.
  • "I do. I deny nothing."
  • "And you, Antigone, You with your head hanging--- do you confess this thing?"
  • Creon takes Antigone down to the vault and leaves her all alone. Antigone is left down there to die all by herself because she decided to broke Creon's rules by burying her brother polyneices.
  • "Ah! That voice is like the voice of death."
  • Teiresias tells Creon that it was a big mistake when he didn't bury Polyneices. And that he really messed up by burying Antigone in the vault alive.
  • "No Teiresias if your birds if the great eagles of god himself should carry him stinking bit by bit to heaven, I would not yield."
  • "Do not fight with a corpse."
  • After Teiresias talks to Creon about how what he buries Antigone alive in the vault. The Creon decides that he should go free her.
  • "I will go bring axes, servants come with me to the tomb. I buried her, I will set her free. Oh quickly! My mind misgives the laws of the gods are mighty, and a man must serve them to the last day of his life!"
  • When Creon decides to go down to the vault and unbury Antigone, it was to late. Antigone has already hung herself in the vault by her veil.
  • "She had made a noose of her fine linen veil and hanged herself."
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