Updated: 3/6/2020

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  • One noncontact force is electricity which is the build-up of electrons that causes oppositely charged materials
  • Hi my name is Robert I just got out of you know what force is let me tell you it is any push or pull
  • one non-contact force is Magnetism it 's attract or repel each magnet
  • Another non contact force is gravity make it thing stop by not touching it .
  • Hi my name is jack I like the colors green and pink
  • one contact force is frictional force it's when the force that rub against 2 objects. Buoyancy is another type of contact force it's when The force goes upward by a liquid or gas.
  • Hi my name is saint mahomes
  • The last of contact force is elasticity it's when a material that stretched and then rebounds.
  • Hi my name is piggy I like the mud and rain
  • Hi my name it Kody I like green and red
  • Thank you for telling me all the different kind of force out there. Now I can use them In my science class.
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