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Updated: 12/14/2020
The Elopes Storyboard

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  • In this scene, Ulrich has caught Georg the leader of A neighboring territory in the act of poaching from another's land. they are both ready to Fire upon one another but both are civilized men and won't kill in cold blood. This shows that both men have morals and arent just savage men, it also shows that they both are stubborn and won't go down without a fight.
  • Just as the two begin to yell at each other, a strong gust of wind knocks a palm tree right onto both of them. and they are both pinned under the tree with no one insight to help. Ulrich knowing that it would be a while before they could be saved decided to offer his enemy some wine from his flask to make him feel more comfortable while they wait. after a little Georg begins to think about Ulrich's offer and how even tho they were enemies he still had offered some of his wine.
  • Ulrich and Georg begin to talk and decide to end their silly feud and become friends. now they are no longer enemies they merely wait for one of their soldiers to arrive and help them out so they may tell everyone but the only creature they could see was a pack of savage wolfs which were moving in their direction. This scene shows that both characters are verkyk complex and do not only focus on the past.