Virtual Doctor visit Solution

Updated: 8/26/2020
Virtual Doctor visit Solution

Storyboard Text

  • Virtual Greeting
  • Review virtual form and results
  • Prescription
  • Doctor-"Hello Mr.Smith, how are you feeling today?"Patient-"Hello Dr.Valentine, Im not feeling well. I've been throwing up all morning."
  • Questions and Concerns
  • Doctor-"I've received your patient form, thank you. I see you have a fever and your symptoms signify that you have cold."
  • Solution
  • Doctor-"I'd like to prescribe you some medicine at the pharmacy to reduce your symptoms and minimize your pain. I see you stated your pain is an 8 on the scale."
  • Feedback
  • Patient-"yes please, the pain is intolerable! May I check back with you if I have any further questions?"
  • Doctor-"If problems persist or worsen, please feel free to complete another intake form and email through our system and we will follow up with appointment slots."
  • Patient-"Thank you! I really like the new addition that allows us to fill in the patient form, I would hate for my visit to be wasted on intake. I now have a solution!"