Sid and the bee

Updated: 10/17/2021
Sid and the bee

Storyboard Text

  • "don't pull a fast on me, grab that ball."
  • "Ochs a miss."
  • "Oh the pain of running, I can't do it, HELP ME!"
  • "How convenient, are you hurt."
  • "Buzz!"
  • "Well this sucks, um I think a blow and run is fine."
  • Sid is kicking the soccer ball and with the slip of the foot he off shoot. I knew the tricks Sid would play. so I called him out on it before he spoke. Sid was still going to try however.
  • After Mustafa's choice of words Sid was the ball grabber, but not a happy one that's for sure, as he did a bit of acting on the way.
  • Sid in closer inspection of the ball found a bee ready to sting, he blows the bee off the ball and runs off. The bee is mad about that and chase Sid.