The Charmer
Updated: 12/1/2020
The Charmer

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  • Aren't you going to finish your meat. It's your favourite (Friesen 30).
  • You're a-(Friesen, 30).
  • Um, sorry mom. I'm sort of a vegetarian now (Friesen 30).
  • I'm more concerned about your economics mark [...] what about that(Friesen 30)?
  • I stare at Greg in horror and admiration (Friesen 30).
  • Well...I couldn't make it. I didn't get to the exam (Friesen 30).
  • You couldn't make the exam? What was it to you? Some sort of social event (Friesen 30)?
  • We were at a protest in Edmonton. We picketed the legislature (Friesen 30).
  • You expect to make enough money for the whole year and tuition in 4 months (Friesen 31).
  • Jack and Greg were talking about exam marks then Greg's mom attempts to cool down the situation by changing the subject and talking about food. Instead, that backfires because Greg says he's vegetarian and that slightly throws off Jack.
  • I'm not going back to school (Friesen 31).
  • I got a job. I'm going tree planting this summer (Friesen 31).
  • Jack (Friesen, 31).
  • Jack asks Greg about his exams again and Greg says he couldn't make it. This is where Sharlene first goes through change and is found to be a dynamic character. Instead of feeling negative about Greg, this is where she starts to think more positively and is admired by Greg.
  • what the hell are you saying not going back to school (Friesen 31)
  • I imagine dad yelling at me (Friesen 31)
  • This is where the external conflict of person vs person really begins. The external conflict is between Greg and his dad Jack. Jack gets triggered because Greg missed his exams and Greg explains saying he missed it because he was protesting at Edmonton.
  • It's no better than a cult (Friesen 31)
  • Excuse me (Friesen 31)
  • Jack complains about paying for Greg's rent and tuition. Then Greg says he got his own job of tree planting and is not going back to school regardless. This all shows Greg being rebellious as he stands on his views even though they're against his father's.
  • This is where Jack enrages because of what Greg said in the last slide. Jack's engagement gets Sharlene very nervous as she imagines him yelling at her in the future because of her views also being different than Jack's. Then the mother attempts to calm Jack down.
  • This is the climax scene in "brother dear". In this scene, the father goes above the limit by blaming Greg's views on his friends and calling Greg's life plans a cult. Greg has had enough at this point and says excuse me through "gritted teeth" and leaves.
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