Stamp Act: Colonist View
Updated: 9/23/2018
Stamp Act: Colonist View
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  • ???
  • This Day, In 1765 we are approving The Stamp Act
  • Hey, Bill have you heard about The Stamp Act and the taxes against are papers?
  • how are we going to do that?
  • Yes, i have and im outraged. Something must be done.
  • I have an idea...  We should riot.
  • Yah!!!! Hooray!!!!
  • Today's the day, when The Sons Of Liberty are fighting back!
  • The Stamp Act was about taxing all types of printed materials like Newspapers,wills, and playing cards.
  • Fine we will take back the Stamp Act
  • This Slide shows how everyone in town is getting outraged by this act. And how Sam Adams is thinking about rioting.
  • Finally!
  • Today in March 1766, The Stamp Act will be repealed by the English
  • This shows how Samual Adams started the protest called the Sons Of Liberty.
  • This slide describes how The Sons of Liberty rioted the British by burning down their effiges.
  • We will stop burning down your effigies, Once you stop the Stamp Act
  • Then the colonial leaders worked together in October. Then the delegates from the nine colonies went to New York to met the Stamp act congress. As a result the leaders sent a statement to the king and parliament that only colonial leaders can tax colonists.
  • Hooray!!!
  • The day has come
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