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Updated: 6/19/2021
science story board

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  • 4rth)Marco is right we don't want to miss out all the fun miss Caroline made for us 
  • 3rd)come on guys lets go, we will be late to class
  • 2nd)you read my mind lea .I'm very excited i couldn't sleep last night 
  • 1st) i cant wait for the science lesson. Miss Caroline said we will learn a very interesting topic
  • Good Morning class, as you all know we will take a very interesting lesson, try to guess!
  • the movement of earth?
  • plants?
  • gravity?
  • earthquakes?
  • living things??
  • water??
  • umm, not really, today we will learn about human impacts on natural resources but today we will take acid rain.
  •  Acid rain: Acid rain is a big problem to the community and atmosphere. You may be wondering how acid rain forms. First the acid rain forms from 2 gases called nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. These gases get released from factories to the atmosphere and they are caused from burning fossil fuels and can be from volcanos. They are extremely harmful to the environment. When acid rains start falling into the water the water will become toxic and marine animals most probably will get injured. Not only that it can affect marine animals it can affect the living plants and species like acid rain will affect the tree and make the leaves fall which means not all herbivores can eat which will make them die and the ecosystem will be unequal.