Kahmya's Spaghetti
Updated: 3/15/2021
Kahmya's Spaghetti

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  • -
  • - Myself who is the Producer of the product -My mother who transported me to the grocery store-The grocery store worker who supplied the goods onto the shelf
  • Human Resources
  • Today, we will be discussing how to make spaghetti and what 3 resources are needed.
  • - Tomatoes-Hamburger Meat-Sausage -Spaghetti Noodles-salt -pepper-seasonings-sugar
  • Natural Resources
  • These are Natural Resources Needed to make the spaghetti; if natural resources experience scarcity that leaves businesses to start to run out of supplies causing supply and demand to fluctuate
  • - Pots-Pans -Stirring Spoon- Stove
  • Capital Resources
  • These are the Capital Resources we need to make our Spaghetti; Capital goods are the goods the government supplies for us to make the product for business use. The spaghetti will be made for our consumers.