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  • Politics
  • The other night...
  • We have no money, sorry!
  • Economic
  • Treasury
  • Money
  • Hmm, empty, well i can always make more!
  • Miltary
  • This border is too big! we cant be everywhere!
  • One of the main contributing factors to the downfall of the Roman empire was Politics, originally when Rome switched away from a republic, Caesar did certain things so that people still had some part in the government, slowly though it became less so and the emperors had more power. Eventually, the emperors were stealing fom the treasury and throwing parties. Also, their leaders were often killed by their rivals creating unrest.
  • Social
  • Why work? the government will give me all I need
  • Another contributing factor was problems with the economy of Rome, Emperors would often steal from the treasury to fund lavish parties or just mint new coins, this ended up leading to inflation which cheapened roman coins and badly wounded the economy, then, because of that, prices shot up to account for the decrease in value, it wasnt the final blow but it was a painful one
  • I cant make a four cell storyboard so please excuse the strange layout
  • The third main contributing factor to the downfall of the empire was difficulties with their armies, the soldiers were guarding the border but any time they moved to a different station it would leave big gaps that would let invaders through, over time the invaders grew in strength and numbers as the roman military was weakened, eventually they were outmatched by the invaders leaving them even more defenseless.
  • I cant make a four cell storyboard so please excuse the strange layout
  • Food, from: gov,to: people
  • One of the biggest problems was social issues, before the downfall during the pax romana, emperors were a little too focused on keeping their people happy, they gave them free food, water and entertainment and taxed the farmers heavily, this led to people only caring about things that made them happy and not wanting to work for food, water, etc. I think this was the final blow, this mindset cascaded into the other issues, adding to them.
  • Water, from: gov,to: people
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