14th scene
Updated: 3/12/2020
14th scene

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  • Kind nurse, the time has come to tell your lady the truth of what happened here today. Got to her.
  • I will do as you bid, with joy in my heart at your homecoming.
  • My nurse tells me you claim you are my husband. What proof can you give?
  • Dear lady, surley to look at me is all.
  • Perhaps after a rest you will be more inclined to show us proof. Let me call my nurse. She will prepare a bed for you outside this chamber. Indeed, it is the very bed that Odysseus himself built.
  • Eurykleia comes before the man she raised as her own son. Odysseus takes her hand.
  • Your words cannot be true! It would be impossible to move the bed I made. The bed that I built can only be moved by a god. No man could move it! It is carved from from an ancient olive tree with roots deep in the Earth. I built the room around it. There is inlay of ivory and gold and silver.
  • Odysseus and his son wait. And when Telemachus sees his mother enter the room, he knows to step back into the shadows while his parents talk. Penelope sits down and stares at Odysseus in silence for a while.
  • Its true! Only Odysseus would know such things! How many years I have waited!
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  • (Odysseus and Penelope embrace)
  • And after a few minutes, Eurykleia and Telemachus step back into the room for they too, wish to welcome him home.