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Shylocks Demise Continued....
Updated: 11/5/2020
Shylocks Demise Continued....
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Shylock has just gone through the trial. But he didn't get the best end of the stick. What happened to him? Did he follow the laws he was supposed to?

Storyboard Text

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  • Shylock walks back to his house, sad and angered by the outcome. He has decided he is going to do what the law says. But get revenge on his daughter, because he blames her for everything.
  • Shylock says to himself, “Jessica has taken my stones she has disowned me, and converted to Christianity. I am going to go find her and make her life awful for the rest of mine.” Since Shylock would no longer have money to stay in his house, he packs for an adventure of revenge.
  • i still love you jessica
  • Shylock goes out to get a bible on his adventure since he too has to convert to Christianity. He hates it he wishes he was reading the Torah and not some dumb book given to him by pigs. He says to himself, “Jessica is just like a pig her blood is thick with pig blood because of what she did.”
  • Each night on his journey to find Jessica Shylock prays to God and Jesus. Shylock has lots of time to think about his actions. He ponders what if he didn’t act on revenge.
  • As Shylock finally arrives at Jessica’s door he has a realization, he shouldn’t do these things to Jessica even though she has done horrible things to him. He realizes even though his daughter has renounced him he is still going to love her.
  • Shylock wrote a letter to his daughter, congratulating her and telling her he is sorry. On his journey back he is content with himself. He continued to practice Christianity and is on his way to make a better life for himself.
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