Social Studies 1
Updated: 4/2/2020
Social Studies 1
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  • Trade starts being Intercepted by the British
  • WHY are the Americans trading with the French? SHAME ON THEM! We shall make them pay.
  • Yes Sir!
  • OH NO! Americans face Impressement
  • But.. No... Why...
  • You are going to serve in the British Navy, no questions asked. HeHeHeHe!
  • British give Native Americans Weapons
  • We want to stop American settlers from settling West. So, we are giving you and your tribes' weapons to try and stop Westward Expansion.
  • The British and the French were at war and they took their anger out on the Americans. The first part of their plan was to capture American merchant ships going to the French and search them for war supplies. Sadly, the first of their plan was not that bad compared to what they were going to do next.
  • The War Hawks get Together!
  • Their second part of the plan was to take the American sailors on these ships and make them serve in the British Navy. To make matters worse, sometimes U.S. citizens were captured by accident and forced to serve on what they called, "Britain's floating hells".
  • WAR is Declared!!!!
  • Raise your hand if you believe war should be declared against Great Britain.
  • Meanwhile, in the west, the British saw an opportunity to slow down westward expansion. They tried to accomplish this by arming Native Americans on the western frontier. The equipped Native Americans ordered an attack on Governor Harrison's camp and this escalated into the Battle of Tippecanoe. At first, the Native Americans were able to break through army lines but in the end, U.S. soldiers forced the Native Americans to retreat.
  • The Battle of New Orleans
  • The British did quite a few things that aggravated Americans and many people from the South wanted to get revenge. This group called themselves the War Hawks and they wanted to declare war against the British. They believed that declaring war was the only way to combat British insults.
  • Great Britain has messed with our citizens, sailors, and so much more. We need to unite together and convince Congress to declare war against Great Britain.
  • Yes, we should and we can be called the War Hawks.
  • After James Madison was elected as president, he felt the pressure from the War Hawks. Finally, in 1812, President James Madison decided that Congress was going to decide whether the United States was going to declare war on Great Britain. A few days later the War Hawks won and war was going to be declared.
  • As Congress decided to declare war against Great Britain, things got heated between the two countries. There were many battles but the final one was the Battle of New Orleans. This occurred two weeks after the peace treaty was signed between the two countries. Both countries were glad this war had ended since Great Britain had a costly war with the French and New Englanders were close to revolting.
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