Driving Toward Death
Updated: 3/16/2021
Driving Toward Death

Storyboard Text

  • Nick (4) - "Her name was Wilson. Her husband owns the garage."
  • Gatsby (3) - "Who was the woman?"
  • Nick (2) - "Yes."
  • Gatsby (1) - "Was she killed?"
  • Gatsby (3) - "...this woman rushed out at us just as we were passing a car coming the other way, It all happened in a minute..."
  • Nick (1) - "Was Daisy driving?"
  • Gatsby (2) - "Yes, but of course I'll say I was.
  • Gatsby (1) - "I'm just going to wait here and see if [Tom] tries to bother [Daisy] about that unpleasantness this afternoon."
  • Nick (2) - "How long are you going to wait?"
  • Gatsby (3) - "I want to wait here till Daisy goes to bed. Good night, old sport."
  • When Nick heard the butler calling the taxi, he started walking toward the road, but at this time, he hears Gatsby call out his name. He came out from between two bushes and starts to ask Nick questions about what happened to the lady and who that lady was.
  • Gatsby now starts to talk to Nick about how Daisy was driving the car when his car hit Myrtle, but how he will say that he was driving in order to save Daisy. Gatsby also tells Nick what actually happened at the time of the accident.
  • As Nick was talking to Gatsby, he was making sure that there was no commotion going on inside the house between Tom and Daisy. At this time, his taxi arrived, and he was about to leave. On the other hand, Gatsby decided to stay around the Buchanans' house until Daisy sleeps in order to make sure Tom does not do anything to Daisy. So, Gatsby continues to monitor the house, while Nick leaves.