Kinetic and Potential Energy Project
Updated: 12/13/2019
Kinetic and Potential Energy Project
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  • Yeah we have only been waiting like all year!
  • I can´t wait until we finally get to our field trip!
  • Don´t get too excited. Mrs. Evens probably has a lesson all planned out to go with it.
  • Yeah!
  • I told you!
  • Excuse me everyone quiet I have a special lesson to share as we go on this trip.
  • Yes FINALLY we´re here!
  • And when it is at the bottom it has kinetic energy.
  • Lets take this ride for example. When it is at the top it has potential energy.
  • So we´re learning about Kinetic and Potential Energy?
  • Yes!
  • I wonder what another example of kinetic and potential energy is?
  • Oh! I think I know one. You see that Ferris wheel over there. When the carts are at the top it has potential energy. When there at the bottom its kinetic.
  • Lets head over to the Basketball Court.
  • This place reminds me of potential and kinetic energy. How come?
  • I think I know why. When you throw the ball up to the basket its kinetic energy. When you´re holding the ball its potential.
  • Cool!
  • Yeah and the lesson was fun too!
  • This field trip was so much fun!
  • Till Next Time!
  • Maybe I was wrong about it
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