Unknown Story
Updated: 3/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • When you are unable to read the omens, they will help you to do so.
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  • And you ought to read more about the world. Books are like caravans in that respect.
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  • If at least one of them is used by the end of the day tomorrow, one will be used on you.
  • Santiago meets the old man, who turns out to be a king. He gives Santiago information on how to achieve his Personal Legend and tells him to follow omens as they will lead him to his treasure. He gives him two stones, Urim and Thummim, that will help him to read omens.
  • Santiago meets the Englishman and accompanies him across the desert to the Pyramids. The two talk about the different ways in which they learn: Santiago, the desert, and the Englishman, books.
  • Santiago is put to the test when he has a vision in which the oasis is attacked by one of the warring tribes. He goes to the chieftain with this information. They make a deal that if Santiago is is wrong he will be killed. Santiago turns out to be right and is offered to be the counselor of the oasis.