Social studies Project (final) comic strip
Updated: 5/31/2020
Social studies Project (final) comic strip
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This comic strip is about Mesopotamia.

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  • Sumer is a big civilization in Mesopotamia that lasted through 4500 - 1900 BC. It developed in Mesopotamia because in Mesopotamia there is a lot of farmland there.
  • Hello, I will be talking to you about the civilization, Sumer, in Mesopotamia. I am a slave and I do lots of farm work, but I am on a break now, lucky so i have some time to explain.
  • Sumer made many new inventions, including the first wheel vehicles, canals, sailboats, the calendar, the time, and the first writing system, Cuneiform. They first used pictographs and then their writing changed into Cuneiform. They wrote about crops, taxes, trade, daily events, etc.
  • This is downtown Sumer, I sometimes work here, but not often. I usually work in the fields. Let's see if we can sneak into a Ziggurat. It's going to be quite hard.
  • So somehow, I sneaked in successfully. Well this is a Ziggurat and this is where the priests cares for the gods and only priests are allowed in here. Which means that I should get out right now, since there is one right in front of me....
  • Ziggurats were temples made out of mud bricks. They were shaped like pyramids and they were temples with steps, so people could get closer to the gods. They were built for gods or goodnesses or a particular city. Each city would have 8 gods that people believed in. Babylonian and Assyrian religion was influenced by the Sumerians.
  • The Fertile Crescent was an area that consisted of the Euphrates river and the Tigris River. It was very fertile and that's why a lot of crops are grown near or on the Fertile Crescent. A lot of people would install some irrigation systems to their crops. They made these irrigation systems by making holes which water would lead to their crops. The Fertile Crescent is what made Mesopotamia a bug civilization.
  • So glad I made it out, they got me, but lucky they just told me to never come again. This is the Euphrates River, a lot of crops are grown around here, because of the fertile soil from the water.
  • Mesopotamia is divided into a social hierarchy which is a system fo ranks. The highest classes consist of the ruling class and the high priests. The middle classes consist of artisans and merchants. The base of the society were peasant farmers and slaves.
  • *Sigh*, looks like I got to go back to work now. These are my fellow slaves and it looks like I have to join them. In Mesopotamia there is a social hierarchy and of course, we are the lowest class.
  • Kings and Leaders, ruled cities throughout Mesopotamia. They would rule a single city and not the whole civilization. They enforced laws, collected taxes, maintained city walls and irrigations.
  • So, looks like I better get to work now. Better not get the boss mad. Until next time...
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