Lost colony of Roanoke
Updated: 3/22/2020
Lost colony of Roanoke

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  • The beginning of the journey
  • Helpful Natives
  • Everyone Disappeared
  • There were three groups of settlers who were looking for new land and to create a new colony. They found the island of Roanoke but this group of settlers had no idea what was ahead of them. Little did they know that they would disappear and become one of the biggest Mystery cases in US History.
  • They setled and found native American people there. John White the leader went back went back to get supplies but it took him a years to come becuase of the war with Spain.
  • When he came back everyone disappeared. He did't know what happened. The found clues, and thought that they had gone 50miles in country. Empty graves have been found, a virus had hit the settlers, and the decease had killed both the settles and the Natives, leaving no clues in its passing.