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Updated: 10/19/2020
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  • Exposition
  • I will be back before dawn, my beloved son! Remember to not go near the cave!
  • Rising Action
  • Hissssssssssss......!
  • Hello!? Who is that?
  • Climax
  • How foolish of an animal to enter my den!
  • AHHH! Help me!!!
  • 'Twas a beautiful day at the forest, when Ms. Bear left her son at home to go hunting for some food.
  • Falling Action
  • Bored and wanting to explore the rest of the world, Billy Bear ignored his mother's request and entered the spooky cave. Inside, he heard mysterious and eerie hisses.
  • Resolution
  • Are you alright my beloved son?
  • Nooooooo.....!
  • Suddenly, a large, green serpent lunged at Billy Bear, squeezing him tightly with his mighty tail.
  • Moral of the Story
  • You should really be more careful next time. I only want the best for you, y'know.
  • I'm sorry, mother. Next time, I know to listen to your word because you are wiser and have more experience.
  • Luckily for Billy Bear, Ms. Bear had excellent hearing and could hear her son's loud cries for help. Quickly, Ms. Bear ran to the cave to save her son.
  • I knew that some evil creature lived here. I'm coming to save you, my beloved son!
  • Once inside, Ms. Bear had a tug o' war with the evil serpent for her beloved son. Using her abundant strength, Ms. Bear won the battle and threw the serpent off the edge of the cliff inside the cave. Billy Bear was finally safe from the serpent's wrath.
  • I feel great! Thank you for saving me, mother!
  • After exiting the cave, Ms. Bear explained to her son the importance of listening to one's parents. They have been on this planet longer, and thus know what and what not to do. They always want their children to be safe and sound.
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