IR Project

Updated: 1/10/2019
IR Project

Storyboard Text

  • what propels the plot
  • Erin bringing Journey to her house to show him something of her mothers in the attic and getting caught.
  • “Actually I need to show it to you . . . at my house.”
  • What I’m about to do requires a huge leap of faith and trust that I haven’t given to anyone. I ignore the tardy bell ringing in the distance.
  • Erin and Journey are caught in Erin's house by Rachel and a friend of Rachel that is a cop
  • Erin and Journey get caught
  • the aftermath of being caught Erin in trouble and now Journey knows about knows more about her and her darkest secret.
  • After Journey was kicked out and Sydney left...poor Rachel
  • Erin found a paper on her floor with a new footprint on it
  • what propels the plot
  • the other thing that propels the plot
  • Erin seeing a man in Rachel's balcony
  • *insert scream*
  • Rachel's reaction to Erin screaming
  • Rachel telling Erin that there is no one there
  • it's ok there is no one there Erin it's ok calm down