camp fire story board
Updated: 11/12/2018
camp fire story board
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  • scene 1
  • scene 2 
  • scene 3
  • the group of friends are sitting around the camp fire. And one of the girls starts to talk about a group of teens that got hunted by a were wolf and no body ever say them again. Music: mix of nature sounds and spooky music.
  • scene 4
  • the friend are sitting around the campfire when all of a sudden one of the boys here something behind him. He starts getting a little scared. Music: wood crackling and spooky music camera: camera shot
  • scene 5
  • The friends continued to sit around the campfire after hearing a noise but one of them turned around and say a were wolf he told his friends and they all started running. Music: an orchastra hitting a violin with a bow fast paced camera:camera shot
  • scene 6
  • the friends take of from there campfire and start running away from the were wolf. Music: fast paced horror music. camera:long shot
  • the friends run past a pond and and house  Music:fast paced horror music Camera: long shot
  • the were wolf chases the teens to a pear as the sun comes up.the teens were never seen again. Music:slow paced horror music camera:long shot
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