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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • "What is yourfavorite onlinelearning tool and why?"
  • "Yeah,kahoot is like my all timefavorite learning tool.Ipersonally fun it quite funcompared to other onlinetools."
  • "How has the learningexperience changedfor you before andafter the MCO?"
  • "Well yeah it has definitelychanged I think i am moreoutgoing during online learningand not as quite as beforewhen I was in physical class."
  • "I had quite a lot of problems.One Ihad no motivation and energy and Iwould find myself not interested indoing assignments and I would feellike I am lazy.
  • "What is the biggestchallenge with onlinelearning?"
  • "The biggest challenge istrying not to be lazy inclass and dose offwhile teachers aretalking."
  • And how about you?
  • "What is the mostunforgettable memory you hadduring the online learning/MCOperiod?"
  • "The most unforgettablememory I had was after onlinelearning was over. Me and mygroup of friends would playscrabble together for like 3hours until dinnertime."
  • “I feel like only learning you getmore work compared to physicallearning because the teacherjust gives you the work andthat’s it while in physical classyou can chat with the teacher.”
  • "How is onlinelearning differentfrom face-to-faceclass?
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