Reading Deadline #2
Updated: 1/21/2020
Reading Deadline #2
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  • "In the latter part of October, after the grape season was over, we left Mr. Jacobson's vineyards in Fresno and headed for Corcoran to pick cotton."(p.51)
  • "After stopping at three different cotton labor camps, we found one that gave us work and a one-room cabin to live-in."(p.51)
  • "That evening, after supper, Papá unfolded the sacks for picking cotton and laid them out in the middle of the floor to prepare them."(p.51)
  • My family went out to pick the cotton the next day, while I stayed home because I was too young to help.
  • My family and I never stay in one place for too long, we move houses every season to pick the seasonal crops for farmers who need workers. This means I never get to stay in one place long enough to have very many friends
  • And one day, "When I opened the door to our shack, I saw everything we owned was in cardboard boxes"(p.69).
  • "After traveling for about five hours, we arrived at our new home in Orosi. It was an old, two-story, yellow wooden house. It was located about fifteen miles outside the city limits. Mr. Patrini, the owner, told us that the house was seventy years old."(p.86)
  • "It did not take long to unload our Carcachita and settle in."(p.86)
  • I was in a bad mood and "As soon as I arrived home I took two of Papá's aspirins and lied down. I had just closed my eyes when I heard Carlos, our neighbor shouting outside. "Come on, Panchito, we're starting the game."(p.71)
  • "The game was kick-the-can. I played it with Carlos and my younger brothers, Trampita, Torito, andd Rubén, on school days when I had no homework and on the weekends when I was not too tired from working in the fields."(p.71)
  • Papá, Roberto, and I went to the small gas station to buy more kerosene for our stove, but the crook sold us gasoline instead of kerosene. And when Roberto went to refill the stove for Mamá it burst into flames!
  • We lost everything! The only thing we have left is our small metal savings box that Papá ran into the burning house to grab and our Carcachita!
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