Reading Deadline #3
Updated: 1/26/2020
Reading Deadline #3
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  • "We had moved to a labor camp also owned by Mr.Patrini and were picking grapes again."(p.93)I was glad we were able to find another place to live so quickly because our last home burnt down, even if we don't stay with Mr. Patrini for long.
  • "For days, when I got home from school, I found Papá lying flat and complaining about not being able to pick cotton because his back was killing him."(p.94)
  • "But one day when I got home, Papá did not complain about anything, not even his back."(p.95)
  • "Mi'jo, are you alright?"(p.95)
  • "La migra swept through the camp about an hour ago, and I didn't know if the immigration officers searched your school too."(p.95)
  • "Sí, Papá,"(p.95)
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  • "Don't worry, Papá, Panchito and I can find work in Santa Maria thinning lettuce and topping carrots."(p.97)
  • "Seeing this as a chance to persuade my father to leave Corcoran and knowing I was anxious to return to Santa Maria..."(p.97) Mamá convinced Papá that moving to Santa Maria would be safer than staying here. And Papá actually said that we could move back to Bonetti Ranch in Santa Maria!
  • "I was so excited about going back to Bonetti Ranch that I was the first one up the following morning."(p.98)
  • "I especially looked forward to seeing some of my classmates in the eighth grade at El Camino Junior High. I had not seen them since last June when school ended."(p.99)
  • "After the bell rang and everyone was seated, Miss Ehlis began to take role. She was interrupted by a knock at the door..."(p.111)
  • "When she opened it, I could see Mr. Denevi, the principle, and a man standing behind him. The instant I saw the green uniform, I panicked."(p.111) "Miss Ehlis and the immigration officer walked up to me. Putting her right hand on my should and looking up at the officer, she said sadly, 'This is him.' My eyes clouded. I stood up and followed the immigration officer out of the classroom and into his car marked ' Border Patrol.' I sat in the front seat as the officer drove down Broadway to Santa Maria High School to pick up Roberto."(p.111)
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