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Updated: 8/19/2021
English AIL Project

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Comic strips

Storyboard Text

  • In the paleolithic period, for food people used to hunt down animals and pluck fruits from a tree. They could not stay at one place for long as they did not how toreproduce and would finish up all the resources available.
  • Nothing could be hunted today.
  • So that means no food for us today.
  • People got to know the method of agriculture and domesticating animals in the neolithic period. Thus, people started sttling down.
  • Ha! These people think they have become smart by growing me.
  • Good, the crops are growing nicely. Now nobody  would be shifting here and there very often. Everyone will have a good meal.
  • In the neolithic period, many inventions were made which we use to this day and they made man's life easier. Some of the inventions are agriculture, the wheel etc.
  • Yes sire. We have also invented a new way so that we can plough our fields.
  • We have invented a ploughshare which is made of wood and stone which helps us plough
  • Are the crops growing nicely?
  • And what is it?
  • Excellent.