Scene writing assignment
Updated: 1/10/2021
Scene writing assignment

Storyboard Text

  • After thinking and digging for long time they agreed
  • There mother was back and they told her everything she wasnet happy but still joined them
  • After working for long time and being alert for the guards they were finally successfull
  • I brought you guys food come eat and have a break
  • After working for days and nights they were finally done.
  • ''Guard foot steps!!''
  • Finally!!Now lets go and get out of here
  • WE'RE DONE!!
  • The family finally meet each other after years and are in West Berlin
  • Dad,Fredric i missed you.
  • So did we
  • So last night after you told me about meeting dad and Fredric and so i wouldnt go to military i thougth of an risky idea
  • The next Day Dominican told Kate his idea he had but it was risky work..
  • Idea-Lets dig a tunnel under a bombed house because that will lead us to West Berlin when mom is gone
  • Oh!!Here let me take you where the building we will start digging
  • What?!
  • Thats risky!!But I am IN!!hehe
  • Not a smart idea!But I will have to agree to get out of here
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