Pituitary Gland Health Project 7th Grade 2020 - Ally Schuett
Updated: 5/14/2020
Pituitary Gland Health Project 7th Grade 2020 - Ally Schuett

Storyboard Text

  • I am the pituitary gland also known as the master gland of the human body I’m like a ninja computer I take messages from the brain and send them through the body like an electric current to produce hormones that affect many parts of the body
  • Some of the body parts I affect include: kidneys, the reproductive system (uterus, testes) breasts, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, and overall body growth. The pituitary gland produces growth hormones which makes your bones and muscles strong.
  • When we use our bodies for physical activity for example riding a bike for the first time, the legs get sore and tired quickly this is because you don’t have enough muscle to keep pushing to make it to the end of the ride. The ninja sends messages to the thyroid hormone regulates how fast we burn calories from the food we eat which gives us energy to ride our bike and strengthen our bones and muscles and body grow.
  • As time flew by and the person kept pushing him/her self they were able to build muscle and strength to be able to keep biking for long periods of time all thanks to the pituitary gland (me), and my growth hormones.
  • And they all lived happily ever after.
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  • Title: Endocrine System Health Project 2020 Written By: Ally Schuett