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paleolithic neolithic and civilazation periods
Updated: 10/10/2019
paleolithic neolithic and civilazation periods
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  • paleolithic
  • ill go get our weapons
  • the herds are on the move we need to leave and follow them
  • neolithic
  • i live in the fertile crescent so i can grow my crops and my animals and i can eat
  • civilazation
  • i am the king of this civilization this is where i live i keep order in this city
  • The paleolithic era was before early humans made any large advancements they were nomads they followed the herds wherever they went the main jobs were hunting and gathering the paleolithic era ended at around 8000 B.C when people began farming.
  • the neolithic era began at about 8000 B.C when people began farming people started to settle down and they would have a surplus of food and because of that people did not have to focus on farming people started having more jobs it ended at about 3000 B.C .
  • early civilization was the rise of civilization coming to what we have here today there was government and religion to keep order there were centers in towns and cities for trade.
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