Unknown Story
Updated: 1/27/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi Lillian!
  • Shut up Lexi! I don't want to talk to you or anyone like you!!
  • AHH! WHY!?
  • Hey..uh..do you mind if I hang out here for a bit...if you say no you're gonna get beat up I hope you know...
  • Lexi and Lillian are the first people in class, Lexi tries to start a conversation but Lillian doesn't like that idea.
  • Is this seat taken?
  • Lexi isn't sure why but something about her Lillian doesn't like so Lillian starts to push and shove her around.
  • Do you think...we could be actual friends?
  • I mean... yeah sure, wh- why not..
  • Lillian starts asking Lexi for hangouts just so she can bully Lexi more, and if Lexi says no Lillian threats her
  • It's okay!
  • I'm sorry for all the things I said and did!
  • Lexi is beginning to grow tired of Lillian's stupid games, she just wants a friend.
  • Lexi decides to try being super nice to Lillian and tries to be her actual friend, of course Lillian is confused of why Lexi wants to be her friend after everything she did.
  • Lillian feels bad and apologizes, and they become great friends.