Milgrim Experiment

Updated: 10/6/2021
Milgrim Experiment

Storyboard Text

  • Before the Experiment
  • Looks like I'm the teacher.
  • Wow. Yale. This must be important! I'm so honoured.
  • Hello. Welcome to Yale University. Thank you for volunteering to take part in this experiment. Today, we will be exploring learning and memory.
  • I'm the learner
  • You have the right to withdraw at any point during this experiment
  • During the experiment
  • INSTRUCTIONS:Give the learner a questionIf they answer incorrectly, shock themIf they do not answer within 5 seconds, shock themEvery time they answer wrong, increase the voltage (a light will come on indicating that the shock has worked)Do not worry. These shocks will cause no permanent tissue damage :)
  • It is essential that you continue. Please continue. You have no other choice but to continue.
  • I am fully responsible for everything that happens and the consequences. Don't worry.
  • Please. I want to stop. He's getting hurt in there. Can't you check on him?
  • I don't want to do this but at least it's not my fault....
  • After the Experiment
  • EVERYTHING YOU WERE TOLD WAS FAKE! GOT YOU! Thank you for your participation. Please fill in this questionnaire on your experience.
  • Thank you for your participation. This was actually about obedience not memory....
  • I can't believer I was lied to! Oh well... at least everyone's okay.
  • I was just acting!
  • A LOT of lying....
  • Participants volunteered for the study through answering an advertisement in the local men's newspaper. They thought both participants were volunteers but only ONE was, the other was a confederate and so was the experimenter.They drew lots to decide a 'learner' and a 'teacher' role. This was rigged so that the confederate always got the 'learner' role. They were paid $4.50 just for shwoing up
  • The teacher and leaner were put in different rooms.The teacher was instructed to shock the learner if they got a question wrong. However, as the shocks got higher, there was more resistance from the teacher to do so. In these cases, the experimenter would prompt them to continue. The learner also started to scream and resist. At 300v, the learner stopped responding altogether.
  • The shock box went all the way to 450v. 65% of the participants shocked the learner all the way and even issued this voltage to them 3 times. At the end, all deception was revealed, and the true nature was explained. Although many participants were visibly stressed- sweating, trembling, and 3 recorded uncontrollable seizures- only 1 person said they regretted taking part.