Wolves helped
Updated: 1/15/2021
Wolves helped

Storyboard Description

The wolves helped Yellowstone go back to healthy

Storyboard Text

  • When the wolves entered the park, they started to hunt the deer causing the deer behavior to change
  • Since there was less deer, more trees and forests grew letting more birds to populate. 
  • Because of trees there was more beavers, Which let more habitats and an increase to sea animals
  • Because the wolves killed the coyotes there was an increase in mice and rabbits
  • bears ate leftovers and berries growing on shrubs, this lead to the bears growing in population, which then lead the bears to killing deer
  • ROAR
  • All of this happened because of wolves. But its not just about how they changed the ecosystem, they also changed the geography
  • They made rivers meander less, have less erosion, Channels narrowed, pools formed, and more riffle sections formed which attracted wildlife