My witch
Updated: 1/1/2021
My witch

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  • Oh my God ! I'm going to be late again for my spell class, and if i don't hurry up Mr.Demon is going to ground me again !
  • This is Jess, a seventeen year old witch who just fell down on her way out. As you can see, she's pretty clumsy !
  • Great !
  • I need to hurry up now ... Oh no ! Here's Mr.Tasker again !
  • I'm sorry but i'm kind of late here Mr.Tasker...
  • She usually has bad luck...
  • And she can't say no to people, she's way too nice.
  • I guess i don't really have a choice here... I'll just use the track spell to find the dog quickly and bring him back as usual.
  • Hey young lady ! Would you help me find peanut ?
  • Thanks for your help, i knew that i could count on you !
  • Jess always hides to do her spells because humans aren't supposed to know that witches exist !
  • track canis, canis invenietis, canis reversus adducere track canis, canis invenietis: canis reversus adducere....
  • Thank you sweetheart ! Would you like to take him for a walk ?
  • Alright, bye !
  • Definitely not... but thanks ! See you later !
  • Here you go Mr.Tasker !
  • (breathing heavily)
  • I've been running for ten minutes now and i'm exhausted ! But the worst part is that i'm twenty minutes late ! This is the end ...
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