Bogert-Abhi Patel
Updated: 5/2/2020
Bogert-Abhi Patel

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  • The Five Elements of Internal ControlBy:Abhi Patel
  • Franklin is the principle of this school and they always practice "Control Environment". They do this by explain and making sure everyone follows the rules and keeps up with her responsibility.
  • Make sure to follow the rules and eithics
  • Franklin knows that if he doesn't do a background check then the kids lives are at danger and so he doesn't put the company at risk for "Risk Assessment".
  • Alex,were you involved in any type crime in your life?
  • No,Sir!
  • The new Employee Alex knows how to communicate and he tells Franklin everything that happened on his first days and what supplies he needs using the "information and Communication" Authority.
  • I will get those to you in two days!
  • I need Expo markers and more erasers!
  • The principle makes sure to check up on Alex to see how he is doing and making sure he is teaching his class the right way, using "monitoring"
  • Hey,just checking up to see how you were doing!
  • Everyone has different responsibility for different type of situations also needs to give employees time off under the Control Procedures.
  • Hey, Alex let me know when you are done with the files I gave you, also let me know when you want to schedule your days off.