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Updated: 4/7/2021
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  • Hernàn Cortès
  • The Conquest of Mexico
  • The End of The Aztecs
  • Spanish conquistador Hernàn Cortès is known today as the conqueror of the Aztecs. He was responsible, more than any other man, for Spain taking control of present-day Mexico.
  • Francisco Pizarro Conquers
  • The Spanish conquistadors headed for the Aztec city of Tenochtitlàn. Montezuma first tried threatening Cortès, and then tried bribing him to make him stop. Cortès continued toward Tenochtitlàn. It is possible that Montezuma thought Cortès was a returning god, but for whatever reason, Montezuma did not have Aztecs attack.
  • Eventually, the Aztecs started fighting back against the outnumbered Spaniards and their Tlaxcala allies. The Spaniards fought numerous battles until Tenochtitlàn was finally captured in August 1521. The Aztec empire had fallen, and Cortès controlled a huge territory stretching from the Caribbean to the Pacific.