Huck Finn Storyboard Chap 4-9
Updated: 1/13/2021
Huck Finn Storyboard Chap 4-9

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  • Key Event:Huck sees Pap's footprints in the snow earlier on in this chapter. He worries about him coming back and causing him no good, so he goes to Jim and asks him about it. Huck, being a superstitious person believes what Jim says to him, and when he comes back home, there is Pap, in the flesh!
  • Chapter 4:"'Yo' ole father doan' know, yit, what he's a-gwyne to do. Sometimes he spec he'll go 'way, en den agin he spec he'll stay,'... When I lit my candle and went up to my room that night, there sat pap, his own self!" (Twain 31).
  • Aayla Mendenhall: 4-9Eleanor Holohan: 10-15
  • Key Event:Huck figures out why Pap has come to "visit" him. He didn't come to see him at all; he only came to get rich off of Huck's money so he can buy more alcohol for himself and not live so miserably. The way he does this though is rude and he insults his son the entire time.
  • Chapter 5:"'Ain't you a sweet-scented dandy, though? A bed; and bedclothes; and a look'n-glass; and a piece of carpet on the floor-- Why, there ain't no end to your airs-- they say you're rich. Hey?-- how's that?'" (Twain 35).
  • Key Event:Pap brings Huck to live with him in an old cabin. One day Huck decided to finally make a way out of there and begin planning his escape away from Pap.
  • Chapter 6:"I was scared. I made up my mind I would fix up some way to leave there.-- I found an old rusty wood-saw without any handle;... I greased it up and went to work. I got under the table and raised the blanket and went to work to saw a section of the big bottom log out, big enough to let me through," (Twain 43).
  • Key Event:Huck finally goes through with his plan to escape from Pap and run away from the town to be on his own. He takes the pig and uses it to fake his own murder, and then he runs.
  • Chapter 7:"I took the axe and smashed in the door.-- I fetched the pig in and took him back nearly to the table and hacked into his throat with the axe, and laid him down on the ground to bleed-- Well, next I took an old sack and put a lot of big rocks in it-- and I started it from the pig and dragged it to the door and through the woods down to the river and dumped it in, and down it sunk, out of sight," (Twain 57).
  • Key Event:While out in the woods, Huck finds Jim and tells him about how he wasn't actually murdered; Jim tells him that he ran away from Miss Watson, his slave owner, when he heard that she was probably going to sell him to New Orleans.
  • Chapter 8:"... it was Miss Watson's Jim! I bet I was glad to see him. I says: 'Hello, Jim!' and skipped out.-- Well, I warn't long making him understand I warn't dead. I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn't lonesome, now," (Twain 71).
  • Key Event:While traveling around the island together, Jim and Huck eventually come up upon a house. They look around and end up finding a dead man inside of the home. They stay and cover the dead man up, and take some of the stuff that they found lying around the house with them before they leave.
  • Chapter 9:"Another night, when we was up at the head of the island, just before daylight, here comes a frame house down, on the west side.-- We paddled out and got aboard-- clumb in at an upstairs window.-- Then we looked in the window.-- There was something laying on the floor in the far corner that looked like a man. So Jim says: 'Hello, you!' But it didn't budge. So I hollered again, and then Jim says: 'De man ain't asleep-- he's dead. You hold still-- I'll go en see,'" (Twain 86).
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