Psychotic Disorder Part 1

Updated: 12/18/2020
Psychotic Disorder Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • Melanie is a 24-year-old woman living by herself. She has been relatively healthy her whole life. However, lately, she has been experiencing strange sensations, such as...
  • ...Seeing objects move on their own...
  • Did the milk just move to the other counter?
  • ...Hearing odd voices whispering from paintings...
  • Hm? What's that?
  • Psst, over here.
  • ...Confused, unintelligible, muttering...
  • Melanie, are you even listening? What are you saying?
  • Hehe, yeah, ok, mm...
  • ...And losing the ability to concentrate at work.
  • I can't finish any assignments!
  • Melanie seems so different lately. I wonder if she's doing alright. I should meet up with her to check up on her.
  • However, her friend Chad realized that something wasn't right.