Shop stewards

Updated: 10/6/2021
Shop stewards

Storyboard Text

  • The team and i decided to appoint you as a shop steward
  • Thank you sir for selecting me
  • can we continue with the case of sebonelo madida
  • Eish I am not ready for this
  • as management we appointed him to be a shop steward
  • ok we are giving you 3 days to prepare
  • I was appointed to be a shop steward so will like to go an prepare for this
  • my kid was admitted to hospital . secondly gas exploded and the house was on fire so i had to leave
  • can we strart with the preparation of the case
  • yes, well my daughter was addmitted to hospital she was sick, my house was burning it was an emergency
  • yes , sibonelo can you explain what heppened the other day/
  • what if the patient died?coz she let him and there was no one to look after him
  • Let put our self in her shoes first before we blame her, being the only person at home looking for the children is hard, i think we should forgive her