Updated: 12/5/2020

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  • Ahh yy? another bad dayy?
  • High schooler Helen Kerr is a social misfit who lives with her mother, twin brothers Ron and Daniel and four-year-old brother Charles. although Helen studies very hard she gets low grades at school, fights with other students and is frequently in trouble. 
  • What is going on! Why is brother acting like that? Strange, he alqyas wanted to meet dad?
  • Mr. Kerr, the father of Helen, has been missing for months, following an attempt to tesser, by travelling through a wrinkle in the space-time continuum. And he was imprisoned in another planet
  • I am sry charles please let go of dad I love you!
  • Three creatures take Kerr and her youngest brother to another planet to show the possible dark features of all planets and to show where the Dark Thing called IT has imprisoned their father.
  • Welcome back dad!
  • Helen and Charles found Mr. Kerr who is trapped by the dark thing called IT. Elle Manages to see her father but looses Charles to the power of IT
  • Helen returns to earth alone and uses her love for Charles to break his connection with IT.
  • Hellen and Charles return safely home to earth with their father Mr. Kerr.