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Trade neolithic
Updated: 9/23/2019
Trade neolithic
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  • Back in paleolithic times,
  • people didn't trade. Instead they were concerned with their survival and what was nearby them like animals, plants, water and other things key to survival. They didn't have communities so it was hard to trade.
  • Now since we have larger communities and permanent shelters, trade occurs more often. Others and I trade to get resources we don't have in our own community. Because we have improved in our crafting skills, we can create objects to enhance our strength and beauty. People from different areas wanted these items. I have aqquired earrings to improve my beauty.
  • life as a trader is hard. As a trader, we travel hundreds of miles to obtain objects. We travel by many ways. donkeys, ship, and on feet are some of the ways of transportation. We often searched for flint and obsidian. We would use these to make weapons which were used to defend. we also collected things used for beauty purposes like hematite and shells, to create jewelry and makeup.
  • This is better because..
  • Trading allows us to use more resources that are available to us.
  • Now we can advance to improve our comfort and appearances.
  • With trading we can get more resources to improve our own needs which creates and happier and ideal environment.
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