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Updated: 4/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Features of Civilizations
  • Specialization of jobs
  • Cities
  • A civilizations has many different features that differentiate it from the old fashioned hunter-gathers' way of living.
  • Art and Architecture
  • With people farming and food surplus in a civilization, people can now focus on many different things. Jobs such as farmers, priest, warriors, builders, traders and even more.
  • Religions
  • As another main feature of civilization, a city differs a hunter-gather tribe from a modern day civilization, as a city would be able to contain 50,000
  • Government
  • When civilizations are at their golden ages, arts and architectures are often produced, and ancient civilization works the same way too.
  • With art also come religions, which many people believed.
  • As a society rises, certain people began to take power to coordinate the cityand make sure it was successfu.l