Science Project
Updated: 2/1/2021
Science Project

Storyboard Description

Read the title lmao

Storyboard Text

  • Alright class, today, we'll be talking about the different layers of the earth.
  • The Crust is the outermost and most thin layer of our planet, In addition it is also the layer we live on. No human has ever been below this layer.
  • The next layer of our planet is the Mantle, this layer is the thickest one, and is made out of semi-solid metal.
  • In addition, this is also where the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere loca-ted.
  • The layer after that is the Outer-Core. This layer is very hot (8,000 To 9,000 Fahrenheit, and is made of liquid iron and nickel.
  • The deepest layer of the earth is the Inner-Core. This layer is even hotter than the Outer-Core, with temperatures of 9,800 Fahrenheit.
  • Additionally, this pressure in this layer is so intense, It is made of Solid iron and nickel.