I.S Comic

Updated: 10/21/2021
I.S Comic

Storyboard Text

  • we have arrived.
  • He went to the grocery store to get some ingredients!
  • Tante, where is Oom?
  • The Indonesian language has been influenced a lot by the Dutch when it comes to culture. Like modern-day Bahasa Indonesia, but not all changes in the language are positive.
  • Is next month Maret?
  • Yes, it will be Maart next month.
  • "Oom" and "tante" are loanwords in the Indonesian language from Dutch that is usually used for someone older than you as a sign of respect.
  • Do you have a koran?
  • Yes I do have one, you can go get a kranten inside!
  • The fact that Dutch words are used to show respect to someone, would most likely mean that the Dutch were seen as "higher" people.
  • Can you please take my tas please?
  • Alright!
  • These are some examples of loanwords in Indonesian from Dutch. Maret means March in Indonesian, and Maret was adapted from the word Maart.
  • Koran comes from the Dutch word kranten, which also has the same meaning. They both mean newspaper.
  • Tas comes from the Dutch word tas, they both have the same spelling and meaning. It means bag in both languages.