Romeo and Juliet Act 1
Updated: 4/6/2021
Romeo and Juliet Act 1

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  • There are two equally respected families who live in Verona.
  • During the prologue, the Chorus explains the sad love story of Romeo and Juliet. They state how the tragic story will end, and how the rest of the play is simply to fill in what is missing.
  • But they break out in violence due to an old grudge they had.
  • In Scene 1, Gregory and Sampson discuss about how they will start a fight if they find Montague's servant. Also, Benvolio and Romeo talk about how Romeo has been feeling down lately, and he states that the person he loves doesn't love him back.
  • If we get angry, we'll take our swords out!
  • Yeah!
  • She isn't old enough yet, it will be two more years.
  • In Scene 2, Paris comes to Capulet asking to marry Juliet. However, Capulet says the Juliet is to young to marry, and needs to wait two more years. Paris says that younger girls have become happy mothers, but Capulet states that because of early childbirth, they were disfigured.
  • What do you say to me marrying your daughter?
  • In Scene 3, Lady Capulet and the Nurse talk to Juliet about marriage. The Nurse talks about Juliet when she was a young child. Lady Capulet asks Juliet if she likes him, and she responds with that she will look like she likes her, but she won't look any further than she wants her to.
  • Do you like him?
  • I remember when you were a child!
  • I won't look any further than you need me to.
  • Stop talking nonsense!
  • During Scene 4, Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio talk about how they will enter the party. Mercutio also talks about a dream he had about Queen Mab, a fairy.
  • I had a dream about Queen Mab!
  • During Scene 5, Romeo meets Juliet at the party. Tybalt spots Romeo and wants to kill him, but Capulet does not let him because Romeo is respectful and is not disturbing the party.
  • Let me receive what I prayed for, and our lips will be cleansed of sin.